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Staff Profiles

Cynthia Peters, CPA, Senior Partner

Cindy is an innovative CPA concentrating on aggressive tax reduction strategies for owners of growth oriented businesses, women owned businesses and professionals in the real estate industry.

It all started when Cindy was a child, and her parents would give her a dime to go to the store and get candy or ice cream. When she returned home with her candy, her father would always ask for a piece. He called it taxes! She developed a distaste for taxes at a very young age.

After graduating from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance and Economics, Cindy became a Chartered Accountant in 1989 while working for Ernst & Young. After moving to California in 1992, she obtained her CPA. Cindy has lived and practiced in Ohio since 2008.

Cindy’s passion is to help business owners keep more of their hard earned money through proactive strategic tax planning and taking full advantage of all of the opportunities the tax code allows.

Gene Peters, Certified Financial Planner, Tax Preparer

Gene brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team. He is a Certified Financial Planner and works at Hartlaub on a seasonal basis.






Micky Landis, Office Manager

Micky has served as an office manager at Hartlaub for years. Prior to Hartlaub, Micky worked at a manufacturer in administration and accounting for thirty years where she became an expert in numbers, pricing and Excel spreadsheets. Micky is analytical, detail oriented, well-organized and has a deep understanding of how to make a profit. After her time at the manufacturer, she took these skills and developed a vending business from the ground up.

Through this opportunity, she added people-skills to her long list of attributes; a skill-set greatly appreciated by the Hartlaub team. Micky has been married thirty years and enjoys spending time with her two adult children and granddaughter. She has a spirited, relentless work ethic and a strong passion for helping clients. She keeps our office functioning efficiently and never misses an opportunity to “go the extra mile” when serving the client.

Christine Smith, Bookkeeper

Christine has been faithfully keeping the books at Hartlaub since 2017. She is incredibly competent with Excel and Quickbooks never failing to efficiently round out our accounting portfolio. Christine is detail-oriented, organized, and pleasant to work with. She offers our clients an unending amount of stability by helping them understand Quickbooks. Christine loves the regularity of her job and welcomes opportunities to operate new technology to help streamline the workflow at Hartlaub. 

 Having lived in the Cincinnati area her entire adult life, Christine enjoys traveling to new places when she isn’t bookkeeping. She loves diving into the new perspective travel offers, and never misses an opportunity to explore exciting places with her two young adult children and husband of twenty-three years.